Upcycled Bombshell and Bullet Jewelry

New! Bombshell and Bullet Jewelry

Brass Bombshell Bracelet with open leaf designYou may have seen this unique style of jewelry popping up on your favorite celebs or maybe you have been in on the bullet jewelry trend from the start. I just learned about brass bombshell and bullet jewelry coming out of Cambodia recently, and then started noticing it on characters in some of my favorite tv shows.

What I really love about the pieces that we carry is that they are not just upcycled but they are fair trade and part of something meaningful.

Beehive Bomb Casing EarringsWhat is upcycling?

Upcycling is the use of materials that would otherwise be waste and transforming them into a creation or product of higher value.

bullet necklaceThe brass bullet jewelry and bombshell jewelry shown here is handcrafted by Cambodian artisans who live in an underprivileged community. They transform the discarded bomb casings and bullets from previous wartime and conflicts in the region into beautiful jewelry.

The jewelry is not only beautiful, but carries a message of peace and resilience.

These fair trade products of Cambodia help artisans provide for themselves and their families in an otherwise disadvantaged community.

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