Abalone Earring Collection

Our gorgeous abalone earring collection includes all of our abalone earrings. Our abalone earrings are handmade and made of high quality, natural abalone shell. Abalone shell has a natural iridescent quality and the bands of color range from light pinks, turquoises, blues and greens. Abalone earrings ship from Arizona, USA and include free shipping to US destinations.

Where will you wear your abalone earrings? They go with just about any outfit and can be formal or casual. Choose your favorite or choose them all. You are sure to love your new abalone earrings!

Abalone Earrings

10 pair of beautiful, handmade...
10 pair of beautiful, handmade abalone earrings. Light bulk wholesale. Beautiful, natural Abalone Shell make up these stunning drop earrings. These gorgeous, iridescent shell earrings are sure to dress up...
$180.00 Sale Regular price $420.00
$180.00 Sale Regular price $420.00
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