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    Mixed Wood Earrings
    Sale price $30.00 Regular price $35.00 Save $5
    Beautiful Abalone Shell Drop Earrings
    Rosewood Earrings - Mon Petit
    dainty wood earrings, drop earrings, wood jewelry collection
    Rosewood Earrings - Bijou
    millefiori wood flower earrings, drop earring style
    Rosewood Earrings - Millefiori
    Exotic Wood Bracelet - Dagny
    Exotic Wood Bracelet - Camilla
    blue earrings made with natural shell, drop earring style
    drop earrings, blue earrings made with natural shell
    Blue Striped Shell Earrings
    Sale price $45.00 Regular price $47.00 Save $2
    Abalone shell and rhinestone earrings, drop earrings
    Abalone shell earrings, drop earrings
    Abalone Shell with Rhinestone Drop Earrings
    Large Wood Earrings - Scrolling Flower Earrings - Big Earrings - Wood Jewelry
    Wood Flower Earrings
    Exotic Wood Necklace - Camilla
    Exotic Wood Necklace - Cala
    Exotic Wood Necklace - Aura
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