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coconut braceletCoconut Jewelry has been made by Indigenous peoples around the world for generations. The Natural Artist collection of coconut jewelry comes from Central and South America. It is organic jewelry in the truest sense of the word. Not only is the coconut itself an organic substance, but the materials to make coconut jewelry are often what remains after the coconut is used for other purposes.

Our coconut jewelry line features metal free coconut cuff earrings, coconut dangle earrings, coconut bracelets, coconut rings, and coconut necklaces.

This coconut jewelry is great for people with metal allergies. With the exception of the coconut dangle earrings, the coconut jewelry on our site is metal free.

coconut cuff earringsCoconut Cuff Earrings are completely made of coconut wood, even the post. They contain no metals and are available in different colors.

coconut ringsCoconut Rings are each one of kind. Each ring is shaped and colored different from the next. Most are not perfectly round. These variations add to their unique charm.

Coconut Rings are not available at this time.

coconut braceletsCoconut Bracelets are one size fits most. They feature either a stretch elastic design or a cotton cord tie design.

Look for other great organic materials, such as rain forest seeds, that are mixed into our coconut jewelry line.

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