About us

Artist made.. with love.. for you..

Natural Artist offers handmade, fair trade, and eco-friendly products from very talented Latin American artisans and from right here in the USA made by myself and family. We are physically located in Green Valley, AZ, USA.

Specializing in natural jewelry, hand woven bags and original art, Natural Artist was started by myself, artist Bethanne Stephan in 1998 while living in Costa Rica. Upon returning to the United States I began to import the beautiful hand crafted products made by my family, friends and small business artisans I met on my travels. From that time Natural Artist became the fusion of my own artwork and fair trade imports from Latin American artisans.

Have we met?

It could be. I have displayed and sold my jewelry, paintings, photography and henna mostly in Manuel Antonio, Quepos, San Jose, and Monteverde Costa Rica. In the United States I spent many years selling at markets, and art fairs in Wisconsin, Minnesota, San Diego and Orange Counties California.

My artwork sold out of galleries in Costa Rica and Wisconsin and can now be found in collections around the world. Most paintings were done on natural paper like coffee and banana paper. My earlier work was signed with just my first name and the symbol of an eclipsing sun next to it.

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NaturalArtist7@gmail.com (preferred method of contact)


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