What is fair trade?

fair trade wood earringsFair trade is a global movement that aims to promote equitable trading relationships and better working conditions for marginalized producers, especially in developing countries. It seeks to address the power imbalances in traditional trade practices and ensure that producers receive fair compensation for their products. The Fair Trade movement focuses on various commodities, including agricultural products like coffee, cocoa, tea, and handicrafts.



Natural Artist has a unique, very personal experience with fair trade. I started Natural Artist in 1998 as an artist living in Costa Rica. My family, friends, and myself were all artists, working and selling our products to the tourists. We bought our supplies from other small businesses and artisans. When I moved back to the United States I continued my art and jewelry and continued to work with artisans and small businesses in Latin America. The products on Natural Artist include my own products and fair trade products. Everyone sets their own prices and are independent artisans and small business owners.

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