Help Us Test Prime Delivery and SAVE!

We are excited to introduce Free Prime Shipping in the US!

What that means for us is that we are sending our products to Amazon Warehouses around the country. When an order comes into our website or Amazon or Etsy, etc. the order ships out from the Amazon Warehouse closest to the customer and arrives usually within 2 days. Wow!

We have our first products there that are ready to go. Now we want to know the customer experience.

This is your opportunity to get an AWESOME deal! For a limited time we have these products priced lower than ever, with discounts of $20 each item. You place your order at an incredible deal. We initiate Prime shipping from the warehouse. You get your order via Amazon Prime super fast. We ask you 'hey, how did it go?' And we hope you come back and let us know.

Products available for Prime ShippingPriced as marked while we run the test.


Natural Artist sale help us test amazon prime shipping