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What is Boho Chic or Bohemian Style?

What is Boho Chic Style? Boho Chic or Bohemian Style embodies clothing, accessories and decor that express a free spirit. Boho, short for Bohemian is often called gypsy or hippie.   Origin of Bohemianism and its roots in the country of Bohemia (Czechoslovakia). True to the Bohemian Spirit (free and artistic), Boho Chic does not follow the rules of fashion and there really are no rights or wrongs. Boho Chic and Bohemian style often incorporate: - flowing fabrics - natural materials - mis matched colors, patterns and materials in layers - wearing multiple accessories, like stacks of bracelets - unique pieces that are hand crafted, one of a kind or artisan made - gives off or has an “artistic vibe”...

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